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About Us

Who are Go Girl Apps?

We are a group of friends who just love making apps. Some of us have never met, and others are best friends.

Together, we make apps that we love, for ourselves, and our kids, and if they are good enough - we sometimes put them out into the public as well!


Our Apps


Happy Snap

An Augmented Reality Find-and-Seek Adventure

Just Launched!! The perfect app for toddlers and young kids - get the searching, discovering and exploring the real world.

Happy Snap uses a mixture of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to get kids to find objects in the real world.

It's fully animated and voice-overed so even young kids can play!


Snakes On A Plain

A fast-paced, 3D action Snake

Remember your old Nokia phone? Remember it had one game on it ... Snake?

Well, we reinvented the old classic Snake to a modern, blazing fast 3D feast. It's all action, pixel retro graphics and chip tune music for a 100% arcade action feel.

Available now for iOS, tvOS and Android



A relaxing, stress-reducing poetry experience

NinetyNine started as a 'first app' project for our member Rebecca. She had not coded before, but learnt herself and made this amazing app.

NinetyNine is like a fridge full of word magnets. You can drag and drop, move and arrange, and twist and scale everything to make your own poetic masterpiece.